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The many facets of wedding dresses and style.

Posted on May 10, 2014 at 1:51 PM
Traditional weddings are different for many cultures around the world. For the western culture it's the white wedding dress which represents purity, For eastern cultures like India, it's the red wedding sari and  Vietnam, it's the red wedding Ao dai. In both  these cultures, red represent good luck. 

In African culture with its diversity of traditions and wedding apparel, their wedding colors is not limited to the traditional  white dress, but consist of  varied  multiple colors and traditional prints. Some of the African colors used in the wedding ceremony are  purple which  represent royalty, and blue which represent love. 

Today in our world of evolving fashion and creativity, traditional wedding dresses have taken on a new look. The traditional wedding dresses are some times embellished with a printed fabric, or a hint of color to reflect a marriage between cultural traditions and one's self expression.


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