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Creative Services Offered.

At Meimagin and as party planners, we combine your dream and our creative imagination and design to make your event a reality.

In addition, you can also customize your event with our creative center pieces, elegant draping and additional items and services.

Floral Center Pieces.

Large Floral Center Pieces: Size (30"x20") $25.00

Medium Floral Center Pieces: Size: (15"x10") $15.00

size in picture is medium

Draping Service Offered.

Single color draping: 10' for $20.00

Double color draping: 10' for $40.00

Triple color draping: 10' for $60.00

NB* Cost For Draping Material Not included.

Creative Baby Shower Center Pieces.

Three *creative baby shower center pieces: $180.00

additional center piece : $30.00 (only with order of three center pieces).

Game Hosting:

Hosting Planned Party: $30.00 hour.

Hosting Only: $50.00 hour.

Shower Chair,Chair Covers,Chair Sashes, Favors, Photographer, Viedographer, DJ, Caterers,

available upon request.